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Our kennel breeds only puppies with pedigrees. This guarantees, that the puppy will grow up to the real afghan hound. Puppies get some things for their new home. Puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and have chips.

All puppies are growing up in a close contact with family, they are our pets and we love them. We always want some nice people to be the owners and we would like to stay in contact with them. If you don't have any experiences with breeding we can give you advice or help.

You are wellcome to see the puppies at out place without obligation.



On 03.04.2012 were born eight beatiful puppies,6 boys and 2 girls.The babies are in colors platinum with mask,red,black / tan,black / silver.


SIRE:                                                                                                       DAM:

Alphaville´s  LETTER FROM AMERICA                                                    Shou Gerat HOLY BERRY

Champion - Spain                                                                                     Junior Champion Ukraine

Champion - Portugal                                                                                 Champion Montenegro

Champion - Gruzia                                                                                    Champion of Macedonia

Champion - Russia

Champion - Czech                                                                                     Waiting:

Champion - Srebria                                              

Champion - Montenegro                                                                           German Championat

Club Champion                                                                                         International Championat

International Championat                                                                                                    

Junior Club Winner

Speciality Show Winner

Multiply BIG,BIS





3 days old......


















5 weeks ...


Faradella ABELIA GRANDIFLORA  " Lila " - sold


owner : Tuuli Julia Tuovinen ( Finland )





Faradella ARALIA ELATA  " Zayda " - sold


owner : Martina Froliková / Al-fayed kennel (CZ)




Faradella ADONIS VERNALIS  " Mati " - sold


owner : Radek Malinowski ( Poland )




Faradella AGAVE SHREVEI  " Sinner " - sold


owner : Claudia Rauschenberg / Frendor´s kennel (Germany)










Faradella ARBUTUS UNEDO  " Dumbo "


owner : breeder / Faradella kennel




Faradella ARUNDO DONAX  " Sprinty " - sold


owner : Ute Quandt (Germany)




Faradella AL-FAYED  " Alf " - sold


owner : Astrid Wildekopf (Germany)



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